Raleigh to Charleston: Sunny Days

You never know what to expect from a WarmShowers host (food, sleeping arrangements, personalities, politics), but this is all part of the fund and adventure, and I am generally happy to have some company at the end of the day.  My WS hosts from Raleigh to Charleston were not only kind and generous, but also inspirational.  

I spent my first night leaving Raleigh in a small town called La Grange, NC  with David, his mother, sister, and niece.  Upon arrival he brought me into the kitchen where a huge vegetarian meal was laid out on the counter.  After a 70 mile ride I couldn't imagine anything better.  While eating, David's mother, Wanna, came in the kitchen to offer me some ham.  I politely declined, and then she mentioned that David is a vegan and that all the food on counter was vegan.  Even better.

The picture doesn't do this meal justice.