Charleston, SC to Daytona Beach, FL: Asking for Help

After 3 nights in Charleston I left with fresh legs and a hangover.  A couple UConn friends were at a wedding in town so I met them at a bar downtown, The Blind Tiger, for the post wedding reception party. Riding out of Charleston was not as pleasant as coming in, with high traffic, no shoulder, and a hangover. There was a bike path for a few miles, but it eventually turned to dirt so most of the riding was on highway 17.  The only highlight on that stretch of 17 was finding another flag.  This one was orange so I added it to my bike figuring it only makes me more visible.

I didn't know whose flag I was flying until I stopped to speak with an eight grader named Corbin on a back road in Adams Run SC.  He saw the flag  and asked if I was a Clemson fan.  Apparently there is a big rivalry between USC and Clemson, and according to Corbin most people liked USC in that area.