AK Highway Roller Coaster Part 2 Ft Nelson, BC to Grande Cache, AB

I left Ft. Nelson feeling good after a day of rest, updating my blog, and receiving a used can of bear spray from my host, Geoff.   I had gotten some warnings that truck traffic would be bad, but I had no idea the next week of riding would be the worst riding of my life.  The Alaska Highway in northeast BC has been taken over by the oil and gas industry, and is now essentially a service road for their business operations, with some RVers and tourists mixed in.  The recent boom is the result of fracking, and there doesn't seem to be any signs of slowing down.

My first day riding south out of Ft Nelson was mostly very good though more remote than I expected.  Low traffic, lots of bears along the road, and plenty of sunshine.  The town of Prophet River is no longer, and the motel/restaurant/RV Park is closed.  The river and creek water ran muddy brown so I was reluctant to try to filter the water with my pump.  A truck driver gave me a bottle of water to get me further down the road.  So the stretch from Ft Nelson to Buckinghorse River would be about 180KM with no services.