Mile 1790.5

The last 300 miles of hiking has been a good stretch. The temperature and humidity dropped once we hit Greylock and the bugs have largely disappeared. We've also had lots of company and support from friends, family and strangers. Now the weather has turned back to heat wave status so we are laying low and extending our break in Plymouth, NH with Effie's family. Only about 400 miles to go with the biggest most beautiful mountains to come.

Hiking out of CT. Rands View looking at the ridge along the MT Everett state reservation.

Hiking the ridge along Mt Race. Looking back at CT.

There is a place in MA, Upper Goose Pond, that has a cabin, swimming, canoeing, and breakfast for hikers.

Happy to be on top of Mt Greylock. The temps and humidity dropped and the air smelled like fir, reminding me of the New England mountains for the first time since the Smokies.
Getting some groceries in North Adams MA via bike courtesy of a very nice family near the trail that makes bikes available to hikers.
Into VT, where the Long Trail starts.

Surprise! Effie's dad found us on the trail. Luna was delighted to see us.

Sunrise from the Glastenbury firetower. We camped up top and a couple moose walked through camp in the evening.

Full on BBQ trail magic courtesy of the Green Mt Club before heading into Manchester Center VT.

The AT coming up and over Bromley Ski area.

Swim break at Little Rock Pond.
Time for new shoes before hiking over Killington. Out with the over priced swiss cheese New Balance shoes, in with a $17 pair from Walmart. So far so good.

The view from atop Killington with hiker videoing himself.

Effie's college friend, Emma, lives in VT and invited us to stay for a couple nights. Here we are with her mom, family and another hiker Emma invited to come along.

And we had a couple delightful farm meals at Emma's dad's house: quiche, veggie pies, blueberry pancakes with homemade maple syrup. All delicious.

The pancake house in West Hartford VT. Randy and Linda like to feed pancakes to every hiker that comes by.
Many kind people leave coolers of goodies for hikers along Elm St in Norwich Vt, just before crossing into NH.

And shortly after passing through Hanover, NH there is Bill's house. He gives an ice cream to every hiker that stops by.

After Bill's house the terrain becomes more of what I expected in NH, with a good climb up to Smarts Mt. Here a view from the fire tower in the morning.

Effie navigating a muddy section coming off Smart Mt. She was 50% successful in not falling in.

The view from Mt Cube, the terrain getting a bit more rugged.

Time for a break at Lake Kanasatka with Effie's family from Plymouth. No shortage of food and fun!

And then over to Squam Lake for some fun on the boat. So, of course, the one day off has become three.


7-31 18 to Laurel Ridge Camp

8-1 19.3 Tom Leonard Shelter

8-2 21.1 +.5 to Upper Goose Pond Cabin

8-3 20.6 +.5 to Dalton

8-4 17.2 to Mt Greylock Summit

8-5 20.4 to Congdon Shelter

8-6 14.4 to Glastenbury Mt tower with Effie's dad.

131 weekly, 18.7 average

8-7 22.5 to stream before William B Douglas Shelter w/ Effie's dad.

8-8 14.3 to Styles peak

8-9 25.3 to Route 103

8-10 17.4 to Route 4. Over Killington with Effie's friend Theresa.

8-11 27.4 to Pomfret Rd. Slack packed courtesy of Emma

8-12 20.3 to Velvet Rocks Shelter. Through Hanover and stop in West Hartford at Randy and Linda's for pancakes.

8-13 21.9 to Smarts Mountain. Stop at Bill Ackerley's for ice cream before climb.

126.6 weekly 18.1 average

8-14 20.1 to NH 25

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  1. Love the photos...what an amazing adventure !