A Map and Numbers: Appalachian Trail / East Coast Hike & Bike

Blue is my bike route down to Georgia, white is the AT, red is my bike route back to CT. Click on map and zoom in for more detail. The bike routes are my actual GPS tracks using my Garmin Forerunner 410 watch. The AT GPX files are courtesy of www.guymott.com. I wasn't willing to carry my watch and deal with keeping it charged while hiking.


Mile 2189.2

As expected, New Hampshire and Maine are the hardest and most beautiful sections of the AT, by quite a bit, I think.  Lots of the sections looked familiar, and I remember my dad and I slogging up some of those ridiculously steep rocky trails with 40-50 lb packs when I was a teenager.  My pack was much lighter, but still the terrain seemed just as hard. Probably because I got used to being able to hike at 3 mph doing 20-25 miles/day. I felt like we were moving at a snail's pace, which didn't really matter except for the psychological component of progressing slower.