A Map and Numbers: Appalachian Trail / East Coast Hike & Bike

Blue is my bike route down to Georgia, white is the AT, red is my bike route back to CT. Click on map and zoom in for more detail. The bike routes are my actual GPS tracks using my Garmin Forerunner 410 watch. The AT GPX files are courtesy of www.guymott.com. I wasn't willing to carry my watch and deal with keeping it charged while hiking.


Total Riding: 1,408.6 miles

Days of Riding: 22

Average Daily Miles Riding: 64

Biggest Day: 96.8 miles

Warmshowers/Couchsurfing Hosts: 13

Friends/Family Visited: 16


Total: 2,224+ miles. AT length is 2,189.3.  Additional mileage is distances I logged on side trails to camping, hike up to Springer, off Katahdin, etc. Surely I missed some.

AT Trip Length: 125 days, May 7- Sept 9

Zero Days: 8

Nero Days (6 miles or less): 11

Slack Packing Days: 5

Average Daily Miles: 17.8

Biggest Day: 29.4  miles

Biggest Week: 160.2 miles

Pack Weight: 10-12 lbs base weight, 13-18 lbs with food & water.

Pairs of Shoes: 3

Pairs of Socks: 4

Times Received Trail Magic: I wish I kept track. At least a dozen.


Total Cost: $2,823


  1. Dan,

    Thanks for sharing your trip through the blog. I enjoyed it vicariously. When you are my age, you'll never have to look back and say, "......I wish I had......." Joe

  2. Sounds like good advice to continue living a life of adventure and travel!