How to Safely Pass a Cyclist

The first draft of this was a little too much of a critical mass, Portlandia, cyclists rule the world type rant.  If you are not familiar with this attitude, allow Fred Armisen to demonstrate:

I am likely preaching to the choir here, so maybe a cyclist's rant is appropriate. Is any non-cyclist going to read an article about passing a cyclist safely from a blog titled Uncle Dan’s Bike Ride? Perhaps I should consider some alternative blog names to draw in the target audience: Uncle Dan’s Monster Truck Rally Through Residential Neighborhoods, or Uncle Dan’s Fast and Furious Adventures Down Quiet Country Roads. In hopes of a non-cyclist reading this, I'll start more tactfully and try to build some common ground.


Who Cooks For You? Sounds of the Night on the Appalachian Trail

One night in the mountains of southern Virginia, a deer or two were behind the Hurricane Mountain shelter making the snorting huffing sounds that deer make. They woke me up, but I fell quickly back asleep, until a fellow hiker mistakingly cried out, “holy shit, it’s a bear!” Now fully awake, I corrected him, “It’s a f’n deer!” Sorry for snapping at you, Rock-Licker. Good sleep on the trail can be hard to come by 


Finding What Matters Most in Life: The One

I’m talking about the right bike saddle, of course.  My apologies to those who arrived here thinking I was going to be writing about love and relationships. Don’t go away just yet. I have noticed that if you substitute "relationships" for the word "saddle" below there are strong similarities between finding the right bike saddle and finding that The One. So if you are still looking for The One, or want to make sure you have the right One, keep reading and insert  “relationships” anywhere words are underlined. The key to two of life's most important decisions in one blog post.*