Hiking the AT, Hiawasse, GA

5 days on the trail and all is well. Currently at the Top Of Georgia hostel spending my first night off trail and resupplying.  This will be a brief post as there is socializing and sleeping to do. 

To summarize so far: 

1.  There are a lot of people on the trail from all walks of life, even starting as late as I have.  No shortage of good company. 

2. It is a nature lover's delight.  Birds, reptiles, bugs, wildflowers. No bear sightings yet.  I need to brush up on my bird songs and learn some plants, especially the edible variety.

3.  So far my gear is working well.  Some minor tears I've been able to fix with needle and thread. 

4.  Doing 15 mile days so far. Feel ok, but getting good sleep has been hard.  Minor blisters. 

Pictures tell the rest of the story:

Not only did Andrew give me a place to stay in Gainesville, feed me good foodie food, help me ship my bike, and drive me to Amicalola Falls, but he hiked the 8 miles up to Springer Mt to see me off. Here we are at the start of the AT