Mile 275

Arrived in Hot Springs, NC to resupply and take my first full zero day. Myself and 4 other hikers rented a small cabin on the French Broad River. A nice place to relax, with hot springs across the street, plenty of beer and food.

I over did it the last couple days in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and now have a sore left ankle, the posterior tibialis tendon, I think. I'm not quite ready for 20+ mile days day after day. The weather was very cool, 50s, and lots of trail magic, so I was feeling like hiking a lot. Already feeling better, so should be back to normal soon.

So far NC is more mountainous and scenic than Georgia.The weather has not always been cooperative, so many of the scenic vistas were up in the clouds, but still plenty of views, wildlife, and good company.

Here is the picture show:

Not a dramatic entry into NC, but starts with a steep climb.