To Stevens Pass Mile 2462

About 200 miles of hiking done so far.  The first five days of hiking south to Stehekin were amazing with beautiful weather, stunning snow capped mountain scenery and tolerable bugs.  The last six from Stehekin to Stevens through the Glacier Peak Wilderness were more challenging with cold and wet weather conditions, some snowy passes, overgrown trail, and limited views. Wet feet for 6 straight days and finally started getting some blisters.

The picture story:
Don and Pat, Warm Showers hosts, with cyclist, Penn, who put me up north of Seattle and drove me up to the East Bank Trailhead.

The East Bank Trail on Ross Lake 
View from camp at Dry Creek Pass the first night.
Devil's Dome 
On the PCT
Momma grouse defending chicks.
Morning mountain views
Blow downs blocking the trail were numerous and often difficult to navigate.  More dangerous than the snow.

Methow Pass
Nice day!
Judith, Dave, Karen, and Dave.  Judith picked me up hitching back to Rainy Pass from Winthrop and offered me a place to stay for the night.  Delicious food and good company included.  Wonderful people!

The forest trail to Stehekin 
Trail markers are few and far between 
Saskatoon berries in abundance in the Stehekin  valley.
The rain arrived and I had a hard time getting out of my tent in the morning.  Cold wet socks and boots are no fun.
"Waterproof" boots are great for holding water. 
The overgrown trail in Glacier Peak Wilderness made for wet slow unpleasant hiking.
On Fire Creek Pass with Brendan. Wandered around in the snow for an hour or two trying to find the trail.  First use of microspikes.
A brief break from the rain camping at Fire Creek
Glacier Peak 
These two hikers came out of the rain and clouds over Red Pass, shared some food and gave us a good pep talk for getting through the last two difficult passes.
Mostly snow on Red Pass
A little clearing on the south side between Red and White Pass made for some nice views.
An opening at sunset on Grizzly Peak.
Sunset on Grizzly Peak, and a few hours later heavy wind and rain! 


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