Elk Lake, OR Mile 1950

I'm enjoying a day off the trail in Bend with friends, Paul, Steph, Theo and Nora.  Nora (2) is taking a while to warm up to me.  Theo (5) is happy to play. I'm taking a day off the trail in Bend, OR.  The weather in Oregon has done a 180.  Washington was mostly 40-60 degrees F with lots of clouds and some rain.  Oregon has been 50-90+ with nothing but sun and long stretches with little shade through burn areas, above tree line and on lava rock.  My hiker tan is improving.

There is an abundance of food on the trail.  The Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood has an all you can eat buffet, which is widely touted as one of the best meals on the trail.  I ate so much it will likely be remembered as the worst experience of my trip.  The food was very good, but it will be my last buffet for a while.  The hiker boxes are treating me well, as northbounders are leaving lots of goodies.

Next stop is to visit friends, Ryan and Jess in Ashland.

Picture show:

Tunnel Falls on the Eagle Creek Alternate Trail.  The trail actually goes under the falls, which is probably why this is one of the most popular trails in the US and most PCT hikers take the alternate route.

Coming up to Mt. Hood from the north.  
Looking up to Mt. Hood near Timberline.  Lots of sandy trails. 
The view of Mt. Jefferson from Olallie Lake.  No swimming allowed in Olallie Lake,  but there are plenty of alternatives not far up the trail 
The trail coming up to the north side of Mt. Jefferson.  A few patches of snow to walk through, but nothing bad. 
The south side of Mt. Jefferson. 
Heading into a large burn area near Three Fingered Jack. 
The trail up to Three Fingered Jack in the blazing sun. 
The lava beds heading into McKenzie Pass.  
Looking back at the lava beds at McKenzie Pass. 
South Mathieu Lake, a good stop for a swim.
Hiking up a cinder cone. 
From left to right, Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, and you could even see Mt. Adams. 
A nice green meadow approaching the Three Sisters. 
Nice trails up in the Sisters, the highlight of Oregon so far.  


  1. Three Sisters Wilderness is unbeatable. Not surprised it's the highlight of Oregon. Look forward to your visit. We have more unbeatable views here in the valley for you. Cheers. Ryan

  2. Hi Dan, guess who?!?!? Loved catchimg up on your pct hike. Gredt to see a picture of Pat and Don as well. If i keep reading your blog you might just get me off tue saddle to hike some of these swiss alps! Keep us updated amd comtinue to enjoy!