Plans for the Pacific Crest Trail

I'm flying to Seattle tomorrow for a go at a southbound hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). If all goes as planned I'll be hiking by Tuesday 6-28. My plan is to start at the East Bank Trailhead near Ross Lake, and hike 30 miles on the Pacific Northwest Trail to the PCT at Holman Pass.  Apparently starting in Canada and hiking south into the US is not legal, so this seems like the simplest way.  I'll miss 15-20 miles and the CA-US border monument, but I can't imagine that section will be too much different than the 30 miles I'll be hiking on the PNT.

I'm mostly packed and ready. A full gear list is below. I'll be around 10 lbs for base weight, and likely be carrying 10lbs of food on average.  Water doesn't look to be in short supply in WA and OR, so hopefully I won't need to carry much.  Southern CA will be different, but at that point I should be able to hike big days.  The two luxury items I'll have are crocs and a sit pad (2 sections of z-rest).  Nine ounces for these.